Meet Kenneth Scott

Who am I?

I’m a self-motivated performer, dedicated to producing the best product that I possibly can.

I have over a dozen years experience writing and designing software. I’ve worked in groups sized from 4 to 100. I know what I believe about software development, and I’ll tell you if you ask. If you already have a development process in place, I’ll be happy to work within it. I can “talk techie” with the best of them, but I can also discuss needs with an end-user in terms that they understand and use every day in their job.

I am a team player. My goal is for the group to succeed. If I do a great job, but the project fails, I do not count that as a success in my book. Life is a team experience, and it’s best when everyone succeeds.

I stay current with technology and keep my eyes open for what is next. Having said that though, I don’t use technology for technology’s sake. If it makes sense to use the latest and greatest, then do it. If your entire development team are experts in a technology, it makes no sense to change.

Software tools are a special interest of mine. I believe in the Unix philosophy of tools: Do one thing, do it well, and work in conjunction with other tools. One of the most powerful tools in the software bag is automation. Anything that can be automated should be. Builds, tests, deployments. Processes that are automated work correctly every time; the computer is never tired, or not paying attention. When the computer takes care of routine tasks, it frees up the developer to do great things.

I’m a voracious reader. Fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, technical; I read it all. I feel that if I stop learning, then I have stopped living. I love to learn, and try to find avenues to increase my knowledge as often as I can.

I live a principle-centered life. This means that I’m not going to do something that violates my core principles, and it also means that I am going to respect yours. Everything needs a standard to be measured against, to find out if it is worthy or not. I know what my standard is, and strive to live up to it.


I’m the founder of this company. It gives me a valuable outlet to try new ideas, put new methodologies through their paces, and keep my mind growing.


…Agile Development?

I believe there is only one way to measure the success of a software project: Does it let the software users do their job better than before? The process of creating software is all about communication between the developers of the software and the people who will ultimately use it.

Agile development holds that software should be built in such a way that the users get to use it sooner versus later, and that only what is practical for the requirements is done. Produce documentation that will be used, and helps people who come later to work on the system.

The Agile methodology is to software development as jazz is to music. There is a framework to give structure to everything, but then it’s up to the individual to use their skill and knowledge to make something that fits within the whole. Put something out there; if it works, build on it. If not, throw it out and start again.

…OS X and Linux?

I believe in using the best tool for the job. I also believe that something doesn’t have to have a huge installed user-base to be the best tool. How much time do you spend protecting yourself from viruses and spyware? Does your office have to use Windows? Are you sure? Have you looked at the options lately?


At the same time, I am a realist, and practical about what most offices are running. .NET is a very good library for developing software, and I enjoy writing software for the .NET environment.

…Christian ministries?

There’s something to be said for pursuing one’s calling. I’ve never wanted to work to make some company’s bottom line look better. Ministries are typically under-funded and under-staffed. I understand this, and want to help. Contact me, and see what we can work out.


My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I have spent the majority of my life in the Rocky Mountain region, and have grown to love the diversity of this area. In short, relocating isn’t likely. I am open to short-term travel as part of a project.

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