Kenneth Scott

8872 Kalmar Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80920 • 719.359.9967

Professional Experience

Sr. Software Developer, Compassion International (2/02 to Present)

  • Solutions Architect
    Part of a grassroots effort to create better communication and coordination between the technical leads of the development teams. Worked on issues ranging from source control configuration, coding standards and application design to division structure and how to make the development teams more effective.
  • Improvement of software development methodologies
    Have been a leader in bringing agile processes, new tools and determining how these items fit into the development culture at Compassion. Have discussed the impacts and viability of agile processes with peers and management. Led Global Interchange System project in an agile method, based on principles of Scrum.
  • Technical Lead of major project development team
    Have been technical lead for a major project development team for the past four years. Responsible for gathering and understanding user requirements, producing designs with appropriate documentation and leading the development team in delivering the products. The team has delivered the following projects: 2004 US Rate Change, Premiums application for marketing and the Global Interchange System application for International Program.
  • Enterprise-wide application support
    Worked for several years as the application support programmer for the Compass application. Responsible for identifying, troubleshooting and correcting defects within the system and coordinating with the Compass Enhancement team to determine which issues belonged with the support team.
  • Creation of automated build processes
    Created a series of scripts that took the build process of the Compass application from a multi-hour manual process to an automated system that completed in less than an hour. Enabled all teams to get faster results with builds and testing due to better availability of builds.
  • Mentoring of new staff
    Have been a mentor to several staff members over the past five years. Mentored peers in development methodologies, design practices and patterns, and how to continually become a better developer.

Independent Consultant, (1/01 to 1/07)

Independent software consulting firm founded in 2001. Clients include:

City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax Division

  • Providing on-going support and enhancement of the department application.
  • Leading effort to replace exiting system with a newly designed application written using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Church Community Builder

  • Provided MySQL and PHP expertise to allow Korean and other Unicode input to be used in web application.
  • Identified inline WYSIWYG HTML editor and created three custom plugins for this editor.
  • Created bulk transaction import capabilities for web application.
  • Implemented source control practices for all developers.
  • Created bulk individual and family import capabilities for web application.

Application Specialist, Greenbrier & Russel (12/98 to 1/02)

This company is a consulting firm that provides technical expertise to clients. Contracted with three clients:

Compassion International

  • Assisted with the completion of an implementation of the enterprise-wide client/server application (COMPASS).
  • Responsible for data conversion of VAX data files to SQL Server 7.
  • Acted as configuration manager, responsible for creating and distributing software releases, as well as maintaining the source control systems for the company.
  • Participated as a member of the Enhancement & Support, Infrastructure, Performance, and Windows 2000 Conversion teams.

Colorado Department of Transportation

  • Assisted with the implementation and development of the first phase of a department-wide budgeting program (STIP). Created with PowerBuilder 7.0 using a Sybase 11 database.

City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax Division

  • Completed implementation of a client/server system (STAX) written with PowerBuilder 6.5 and SQL Server 6.5.
  • Worked closely with users to verify system performance and enhance the product.

Lead Developer, Phoenix Retail Systems (5/96 to 10/98)
Developer, Apisys (7/95 to 4/96)

Designed and wrote several applications during the life of this start-up software company. The main focus of the company was the creation of retail pricing systems for grocery and retail businesses.
  • Design and develop the business's primary products
    Personally responsible for the creation of the Price Planner, Price Review, Price Modeler and Ad Planner. These applications were written using PowerBuilder (versions 5–6.5) for the client, utilizing an Informix database running on a UNIX- or Windows NT-based server.
  • Design and prototype future products
    Created prototype versions of an in-store hosting system and Visual Merchandiser, an application for visualizing a store’s sales. These prototypes were written with Visual Basic 4.0, utilizing RDO and DAO for the database connections. The prototypes were eventually used as the basis for creating applications to perform similar tasks using PowerBuilder.
  • Product deployment and installation
    Utilized InstallShield Express to create installation routines for client sites.
    Guided client sites in the installation of Informix connectivity software.
  • Converted an End-of-day program from Informix 4GL to C, using Informix ESQL/C
  • Network and System Administration
    Administered a small TCP/IP-based network, combining Windows NT Workstation, Windows 95 and UNIX clients.
    Administered a Windows NT-based mail server for the company.
Details of Work Experience Prior to 1995 Available Upon Request


B.S. Computer Engineering
Colorado Technical College, Colorado Springs, CO
December 1995

B.S. Secondary Education
University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
May 1990

Skills Matrix

  Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
SQL Expert Currently used 12 years
Object-oriented Analysis and Design Advanced Currently used 7 years
C# Advanced Currently used 5 years
Visual Basic (.NET, 5, 6)IntermediateCurrently used11 years
XMLIntermediateCurrently used6 years
HTMLAdvancedCurrently used14 years
CSSIntermediateCurrently used6 years
Powerbuilder (6.5, 7)Expert200611 years
PerlAdvancedCurrently used9 years
C/C++Intermediate19974 years
JavaIntermediate20001.5 years
PHPIntermediate20072.5 years
Borland StarTeamExpert20066 years
Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2000, 7, 6.5)IntermediateCurrently used9 years
Microsoft BizTalk ServerIntermediate20073 years
CAST Application Mining SuiteIntermediate20063 years
MySQLIntermediateCurrently used6 years
Apache Web ServerIntermediateCurrently used6 years
Microsoft IISIntermediateCurrently used4 years
Subversion Source ControlAdvancedCurrently used4.5 years
Mac OS XAdvancedCurrently used8 years
LinuxAdvancedCurrently used14 years
Microsoft Windows XP/2000AdvancedCurrently used8 years
Microsoft Windows NTAdvanced20003 years
Microsoft Windows 95/98Advanced19995 years
Microsoft MS-DOSAdvancedCurrently used19 years
TCP/IP NetworkingAdvancedCurrently used14 years
References Available Upon Request
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